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Guys Fuck Their Cousin ft Gina Gerson

  Featuring Gina Gerson & Charrly & Camotil Imagine for a moment that you have a very hot cousin, imagine she is from Russia, imagine she is going to stay with her the whole weekend, imagine she likes to be fucked in the ass, imagine you and your roomate could be the lucky guys to […]

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Casting Axxxteca ft. Mirandita

Featuring Mirandita It`s the final step of the casting process that was held by Axxxteca to find the next mexican Actor. Only 5 of 123 contestants, made it here. Just one will win. The best in fucking is going to be hired by Axxxteca to shoot with top pornstars all over the world and also […]

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My adventure with petite latina ft. Leidy

Featuring Leidy I met this petite girl while jugging, she learned I was a porn-video-maker so she told me that I has always been her dream be on camera while getting fucked. I didn´t waiste a minute, in less than 5 minutes we where in a hotel doing this video.

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Santy fucks Camotil ex-girlfriend. ft Karla!

Featuring: Karla After the hot video Karla did with Camotil, I got very horny, so I ask him to let me do a video with her. God, this girl is very hot, and super dirty, she likes sucking, fucking and never gets tired. After finishing she wanted more and more.

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The teleprojector ft. Vanda Lust FULL

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The teleprojector ft. Vanda Lust

  Featuring: Vanda Lust This time our incredible inventor, Professor Evert Geisntein has created a small machine that will help you be everywhere you want. How? Jus just need the emisor and the receptor. that easy, the thing is that what ever you do infront of the computer will be reproduced wherever the receptor is. […]

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The french mix-up ft TIffany Doll

Featuring Tiffany Doll I just don´t understand how can someone be so lucky, first gets a trip to go to Paris, for free! Then, gets a nice bedroom at no so high price, because, let me tell you Paris is an expensive city. The thing is that this guy got a trip, a room and […]

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The anoying Grandpa ft. Frida Sante

  Featuring Frida Sante and Renato Old people sometimes are cute, but sometimes are a pain in the ass, specially when they like telling your friends about your childhood ebarrasments. Renato has a very hot and horny girlfriend, but she has a problem, a Grandfather that matches the description above.

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The Mexican Singer. ft. Giselle Leon

  Featuring Giselle Leon Traveling from city to city, country to country, Santy, takes his voice and feeling all the way, now it happens to be to Los Angeles. He likes rehearseing at noon before taking a swim and some relax for the night`s show. In the other hand, Giselle, a hot, crazy teen is […]

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Old guy, tricks red-head hottie to fuck her using the magic pill. Marie Mccray

  Featuring Marie Mccray This is the very first invention of the Proffesor Evert  Geinstein, “The magic Pill”, aparently when a man eats the pill, he gets women atracted to him. He gest an esceptic girl to help him with his experiment. The pill indeed works and he fucks the young girl.

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