The Horny Tea ft Summer Brielle

 Featuring: Summer Brielle & Danny Mountain We are proud to present the newest invention made by awesome scientist Evert Geinstein, first let us tell you about Danny, married for six years to super hot wife, but he doesn´t get the sex he needs. The invention is a magic tea that makes women get very […]

The Magic Gum Ft. Victoria Blaze

 Featuring Victoria Blaze This time professor Evert Geisntein brings a fantastic invention, something that will help men provide better pleasure to women. How does it works? In one of his expeditions, the Professor discovered that there was some chilli that gave special volume and blood pumping to the penis, the thing is that blushes […]

The Yoghurt of pleasure ft Anissa Kate

Featuring Anissa Kate and Santy This is the story of a really hot french girl and his ultra horny boyfriend, this woman is so hot, our guy can´t stop fucking her, they fuck everywhere, the kitchen, the stairs, the zoo, but ther is one problem, well nobody is perfect, she doesn´t want to have anal […]

The Aletta Ocean`s fuck doll by Evert Geinstein

Featuring Aletta Ocean This time professor Geisntein has jumped the fence, hi has used the latest in technology, to bring this top-notch sexual toys, the very realistic fuck-doll made of the best pornstar in the world, Aletta Ocean. With this doll you can enjoy and make all your fantasies become real. The doll has a […]

The teleprojector ft. Vanda Lust

  Featuring: Vanda Lust This time our incredible inventor, Professor Evert Geisntein has created a small machine that will help you be everywhere you want. How? Jus just need the emisor and the receptor. that easy, the thing is that what ever you do infront of the computer will be reproduced wherever the receptor is. […]

The Magic Juice ft. Natalia Starr

  Featuring Natalia Starr Santy “Sprinkles” begs Professor Evert Geinstein for a medicine or something that help him look more atractive, he has a boss, she is very hot, and almost every guy and girl from the office have had something with her. Let`s see what the professor can make for this guy.    

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