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Ft Elisa Sanches Erick Klein & Jack Escobar

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Erick Klein, Jack Escobar, Vinny Burgos & Alessandra Carvalho Erick finds a hot Chic in the market and asks his friends to go for a little while so he can meet her and have some good action with her, except they won´t go, at the end he has to give them a slice of tha […]

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Ft Mirella Mansur , Jack Escobar & Eric Klein Jack goest to brazil with his friend Eric, they are tired to not know the lenguage, but Eric finds out a distraction, Jacks step mom has a huge ass, he decides to help her relax a little bit, so he thinks is a good a idea […]

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Ft Elisa Sanches Jack Escobar, Erick Klein This guys are a bit tired of their boring life, but they get in action after the aparision of a horny Brazilian Nynpho.  

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Ft Amanda Burgos, Ed Junior, Jack Escobar y El gran Erick Amanda is a Yoga instructor and she only teaches men, she has particularly a group of three guys that really want to fuck her hard!! She is Brazilian and she is always horny!!

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Ft Jack Escobar & Mia Linz Jack is a lazy guy, he lives in his uncle`s house, he spends all day playing video games and jerking off, his uncle has a super hot and horny wife, she is no very well antended so Jack has to do whats necessary to fullfill aunties desires.

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